Friday, October 17, 2014

Steve & Lauren's Wedding

The wedding is tomorrow so, hopefully, I'll have a pic of cake and cupcakes set up on a 3 tier stand at reception in a few days. For now, I'm posting separate pics, 8 dz. cupcakes and a 6 inch round cake.

French Vanilla cake, buttercream icing covered with
Wilton's vanilla fondant. I really like working with this fondant to cover cakes and make flowers but I did have a little trouble with the fondant bubbling about 15 minutes after I quit smoothing it :( I poked the bubble with a pin and smoothed some more, after doing this a few more times it was good to go. My fondant ribbon around the bottom didn't fare so well, it kept falling apart, actually stretching apart, when I put it around the cake. I finally gave up on a wider ribbon.

 Dark Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with Suzy'q filling
 Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese filling
 Caramel Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche filling and Dulce de Leche buttercream icing
Strawberry Cupcakes with fresh strawberry filling

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two more cakes this weekend that required multiple colors of fondant, one was camo for a duck dynasty 1/4 sheet cake and the other was Monster High. I wasn't real happy with the way the camo turned out or Si, he looks like he's falling off the log :) but I was pleased with the ducks, cat tails and the rifle.

This is a dark chocolate cake with buttercream icing and covered in Wilton's vanilla fondant. This fondant is great for covering cakes, very easy to work with but for figures, it takes a little to long to dry. A little meringue powder might help with that.

The Monster High cake:

I'm including pics of the process of how I applied the fondant, zebra stripes and spots. I mix black jell food coloring with a little vodka to paint the edges of the spots and outline for the skull.

I started the skull last weekend so it would have plenty of time to dry and attached it to a wood stick after it had dried all week. I'm hoping to post a pic of the cake with the skull on it. I didn't want to transport completed like that in case it moved around and loosened up on the drive to the party. Also hope to get a pic of matching cupcakes as I forgot to take any!