Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister!

My little sister turned 65 this month, I couldn't not bake her a cake besides, she pre-ordered it :)

A few weeks prior to the big day she said "I want a 3-layer chocolate cake witth suzy-q filling!" The cake didn't have to be decorated but I couldn't not do that either :) and I had leftover marshmallow fondant.

Two Tier 65th Anniversary Cake

The bottom cake is french vanilla, iced with vanilla buttercream, the top cake is a spice cake, iced with cream cheese buttercream. Both are covereed with marshmallow fondant, recipe here, flowers, confetti and letters are also MMF. Also, both cakes are 2 layers, I hate when I have to guess how many layers a cake is if I'm thinking of making something like it.

If you haven't tried Cake Central's MMF, you should! The addition of butter flavor and Dream Whip give it great flavor. No one at the party was peeling off the fondant to throw away and a few guests asked if it was fondant!

See you on the sweet side!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Teacher Bithday Cake

Another dark chocolate fudge cake with suzy-q filling and butterecream icing. The pencils, books, chalk board and paperclips are modeling chocolate, the lettering and eraser are marshmallow fondant. The apple is a cupcake, yes, filled with suzy-q, and covered with marhmallow fondant. The "teachers rule" ribbon I picked up at Joann Fabrics.

I also did a dozen cupcakes:

I found the best recipe for marshmallow fondant, it's easy and delicious, yes, I said delicious!! I had some floweres I wasn't happy with, I broke them up into pieces and I've been eating them ever since, yum! I will post the recipe or a link to it later.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cupcake Bouquet

I did my first cupcake bouquet last week and it turned out ok, not great. Next time I will use mini cupcakes in addition to regular size to fill in the gaps. Also, I will place the bottom row of toothpics angled up slightly, I thought the bottom row of my bouquet looked like it was going to fall off.

Here's a couple of pics

I piped the frosting on after placing the cupcakes on the ball next time I will pipe first, refrigerate for 20 - 30 minutes then place on the styrofoam ball.

I picked the vase up at Joann Fabrics, on sale, and got 40% off the styrofoam ball. The vase has a 5 or 6 inch opening and the ball was the same size. I made sure the ball would sit down in the opening of the vase a little before I purchased it.

The ball held 14 cupcakes. I used regular toothpicks but will be on the lookout for longer ones in the future and, as stated above, will add maybe a half dozen minis.

Feedback, tips or questions are welcome and appreciated :)