Sunday, August 17, 2014

Marvel Super Hero's cake and cupcakes

I was sent a pic, found on posted by fizzy7, and asked if I could do something similar, this is it. I thought I would include pics of the process since I had never tried covering a cake with 4 different colors of fondant.

After taking several measurements of the cake I had an idea of the sizes I would need and rolled each color individually on a Wilton mat, I tried to keep them rectangular and then cut them to the size and shape I would need. I placed them together on the mat to see how close I was and then onto the cake.
 I forgot the blue fondant was only a partial piece and had to pull it away from the cake to cut off the bottom half and then added the red and white piece.

 Yes, I should have put the cake in the freezer for a while and trimmed the sides or put it in the fridge to firm up the buttercream but I think I pushed the icing in, leaving that dent, when I was cutting the blue fondant off or putting the white and red on.

 I dug through a couple hundred cookie cutters and found a few small enough to make the toppers, so glad I have an x-acto knife, I used it to trim the letters and I used a Wilton food color pen and large decorating tip for the spiderman topper.
The Hulk face is painted on using a small brush, black food color and a little vodka and I used a little bit of white fondant for the eyes and teeth.

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