Monday, August 7, 2017

Square #8 Minecraft Birthday Cake

Square #8 Minecraft Birthday Cake

This order started out as cupcakes with minecraft decorations but turned into a square #8 birthday cake and because the customer ordered strawberry/banana, it doesn't have the usual square minecraft look inside or crushed oreo cookies on the outside.

I baked 2 8-inch square cakes, cut a square out of the center of each cake and trimed off a little of the ends that would be touching. Next time I will trim a little more to make it easier to frost between the two ends. I also trimmed the top cake all the way around to make it a little smaller than the bottom of the 8.

I iced the cake with vanilla buttercream tinted light green and used mashhmallow fondant to make Steve, creeper, tnt, pig and lettering.

The Happy Birthday was made with the new tappit I ordered from Craftsy! I love the cutter but it is a little more work than other tappits and easier at the same time :)