Monday, October 21, 2013

25th Wedding Anniversary Cake
Top cake is a 2 layer, 6 inch Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling covered with MMF, middle cake is an 8 inch 2 layer chocolate and bottom is a 10 inch 2 layer french vanilla, both iced with buttercream. Roses and leaves are MMF and the 25 is royal icing with silver dragees.

Volunteer and Fundraiser cupcakes

I did a variety of flavored cupcakes for a golf outing/fundraiser for a city council member:

When the order for 9 dozen mini-cupcakes was placed I didn't hear "sunflower" decoration, I heard daisy and had to scramble the night before to turn daisies into sunflowers!! Oh, the order was increased from 9 dozen to 11 dozen. These are vanilla with raspberry cream cheese filling; dark chocolate fudge with suzy-q filling and chocolate with peanut butter filling, buttercream icing and fondant "sunflowers" :)

Kids Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

Phineas and Ferb Cake

Top cake is a 6 inch, 2 layer dark chocolate fudge and bottom is a 10 inch 2 layer vanilla, brown sugar sand, fondant accents and a real Nintendo DS Phineas and Ferb game.

Owl Cupcake Tree and cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

This pic is from last year, just getting around to posting. I saw a Christmas wreath made out of cupcakes and loved the idea but didn't want to wait that long so I did one for Halloween:

My son had a meeting a few hours after I baked and decorated these and since I didn't want to be stuck eating all of these, which I would have eventually, I told him to take it to the meeting. They loved it!!

These are pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes with SMBC icing, Yummmmy. I gave some away and mailed some to kids in Florida :)

Birthday cakes

This is dark chocolate fudge cake with suzy-q filling and crushed heathbar on top of the filling. I used chocolate buttercream to cover and fondant to cover the cake board and for the accents. When my grandaughter saw the pic, she wanted a cake just like it.

This cake had to be frozen and shipped to Florida :) for my granddaughter's 22nd birthday. The top cake is a 3 layer 6 inch round, bottom is 2 layer 8 inch round, makes a big difference but couldn't find a box deep enough for a 3 layer.

Baby Bump Shower Cake

Finally getting around to adding a few of the cakes I did this past spring and summer. This was my first baby bump cake and I learned a lot. Next time I will make the baby foot bigger and round the corners of the cake so the maternity top lays a little more gracefully :) or place it on a longer cake.

Zombie Birthday

I was asked to do a zombie cake for a 13 year old girl and was sent a pic of what she would like, this is what I did.
This is a 2-layer, 9x13 inch marble cake covered in buttercream icing. The zombie head and hand are white chocolate, leaves, letters and number 13 are fondant and the "dirt" is crushed oreo cookies. I used black food coloring mixed with a little vodka to paint around the eyes and shade the face and and raspberry preserves for blood.